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Top 6 Advantages of Laser Cutting You Should Be Aware of

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For someone working in the manufacturing industry, it is common to think about using a laser cutting method for their next project. And the first thing you want to know before using any other technique than the traditional one is its advantages. So, we got you a list of advantages of using laser cutting methods. This will help you know how it saves your time, money, and labor and gives productivity, precise cutting, and versatility. A tip: Using Trumpf laser parts in your laser cutting process can  improve its shelf life and add accuracy to the results.High Accuracy and Precision CuttingLaser cutting utilizes a tiny and powerful laser that delivers a focused beam of light to the material. This helps in cutting the material with extreme precision.The powerful laser often melts material with unparalleled accuracy. And in most cases, it possesses a typical tolerance of 0.003 mm to 0.006 mm. Whereas, a plasma cutter usually possesses a tolerance of about 0.02 mm. Additionally, some die-cutting tools have tolerances as high as 1-3 millimeters or even more.Thus, laser cutters are the best choice when it comes to making it more precise. This justifies why aerospace uses laser cutting more oftenly. The requirements of tolerances are incredibly tight in aerospace which laser cutters can fulfill.Economically HelpfulOne of the best advantages of a laser cutter is that it is economical to use. Even if you are using laser cutting for limited-run projects, it will be an economically beneficial decision. This is because a laser cutter does not use any specific tooling. For instance, you do not need to custom-prepare individual dyes for different shapes or the project. You can calculate your savings on each project now by excluding the dyes. Traditional cutting requires dyes, punches, and everything custom-made for the order, but that is not the case with laser cutting.All you will need to create a component with a laser cutter is a material to make, a laser cutter to cut, and a schematic to load into the computer. This way laser cutting process costs less for small-batch projects, especially when compared to traditional tooling and manufacturing.Laser tools have fewer mechanical moving parts. So, it reduces maintenance and operations costs, eventually helping you keep the cost of using laser cutting low. But make sure you are using good quality laser parts like Trumpf parts to ensure its longevity and performance.Can Handle Complex CuttingsThe high-powered laser is useful to work on an extremely narrow section of material. It causes minor warping or distortion to the cut area.A laser cutter can quickly and easily create even the highly complex geometries with the proper schematic. Not only that, but it cuts the material with exceptional precision and excellent tolerance levels.Less Sheet WasteAnother advantage of the accuracy and precision of laser cutting is that it utilizes the highest percentage of your sheet material. A laser cutter maximizes the number of usable components and parts from the given sheet of material by nesting.Again, this results in lower overall costs for your project and paces up the completion times. It requires less time to exchange new material sheets; thus, less of your raw material gets wasted by the machining and cutting process.Causes No Damage or WarpingAn often-heard misconception about laser cutting is that the high heat of laser on material causes a lot of distortion and warping. But, as said, it is a misconception. The HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) of laser cutting is relatively small, and it typically causes no damage on the part or component. And this is precisely what makes the lasers an ideal choice for cutting fragile materials.The laser cuts through the material quickly so that it does not become excessively hot and warp. Also, here quality plays an important role. So, make sure you have invested in high-quality laser parts like trumpf parts to prevent damage to the material.Extreme Cutting VersatilityOne can use laser cutting for a huge variety of different tasks and materials. Lasers are also useful for drilling, marking, and engraving. Not only this, but one can use laser cutters on almost any existing material. This includes metals like stainless steel to copper, brass, aluminum, wood, composites, plastic, and some types of textiles. A laser cutter cuts just about anything without complications. The versatility of laser cutting makes it an essential part of modern machining.Overall, now you know how laser cutting can benefit your manufacturing business. It can save you from both economical and labor crises. Additionally, it serves you with precision cutting on almost all materials. Trumpf laser parts help you to add accuracy to your laser cutting machine.

Top 6 Advantages of Laser Cutting You Should Be Aware of

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