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Best Non Toxic Crib Mattress

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Babies sleep up to seventeen hours a day. To make sure that they sleep comfortably you must select a mattress that fulfills baby needs. It should be soft, delicate and safe for your baby. The primary focus to consider is the crib's mattress because it's where baby lies on most of the time.There are many types of mattresses that are marketed. Usually they are composed of toxic material like formaldehyde and toluene etc. Both of these act as an adhesive between the layers of mattress. They are toxic in the respect that they cause lung, throat and nose cancer. Organic crib mattresses are composed of pure cotton and wool. Both are safe to your baby as they are non toxic crib mattress. Wool has antimicrobial agent and is hypoallergenic. It keeps your baby warm in the winter and cold in summer. The absolute safest action for child health is to purchase a safe baby crib mattress that is non toxic and made from natural substances. There are many crib mattresses available today that are made from cotton, wool, and natural latex as well as combinations of all these naturally occurring things.Organic crib mattresses are safe because they are free from all types of chemicals and harsh dyes. A quality crib mattress will take the shape of your baby’s body when he feels cold. The safest materials to use for a non toxic crib mattress are organic cotton and food-grade waterproofing known as polyethylene. Polyethylene solves the problems associated with a damp mattress without any of the health risks. So both baby and parents can sleep soundly. Having organic crib mattress provides parent’s peace of mind that their child is safe and not inhaling any toxins. The traces of toxins from other marketed mattresses would damage respiratory system of baby.

Best Non Toxic Crib Mattress

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